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The Stray


Located on Leeds Road, the main artery into Harrogate, this elegant semi-detached townhouse is fantastically situated overlooking the Stray.  With 3 children and a dog, the client approached us to create an impressive, modern home – in keeping with its surroundings - with plenty of space to accommodate the family’s needs.

Despite its grand façade, the property lacked natural light and the ground floor rooms were poorly proportioned. In particular, the kitchen and dining area to the rear to the property was out of keeping with the rest of the property, lacked useful storage and countertop space and had an awkward connection to the garden due to a 1m difference in levels. There were further complexities caused by the separate basement flat which the client wished to retain. This required independent access from the front of the property as well as via the house itself. 

In response to the brief, we pushed out the rear of the house to create a grand 8m x 8m family entertaining space with real wow factor. Set at a lower level to the rest of the house, and accessed via a wide shallow stairway to accommodate the level difference, the space flows through to the garden beyond with several tall crittal doors providing access to the outdoor terrace. The large kitchen provides a stylish focal point and affords views of the Harrogate Stray to the front of the property. A large utility/boot room has also been incorporated into the new design as well as a separate TV room. On the first floor there is now a new master bedroom with views over the garden and a good sized ensuite bathroom. 

Throughout the design, the materials have been sensitively chosen to reflect the property’s elegant surroundings.

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