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Pannal Ash


The project brief was to create a comfortable, contemporary home with plenty of space for family and friends to come together and enjoy.

Maximising the footprint of the existing property and adjacent garage, the kitchen, dining and seating areas to the rear of the house have been reconfigured to create one large open plan living space. Ample glazing allows natural light to flood through the property and gives greater connection to the garden, and a unique pitched ceiling design has been introduced to create a sense of height and an unexpected wow factor.


In addition, the main entrance has been repositioned to provide an attractive and spacious arrival zone with a view through to the garden beyond, as well as an easy passage to the newly created utility/boot room which makes better use of the darkest, inner-most section of the house. 

"Having spent years looking at design options for our house, we involved David. His enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge opened our eyes to new possibilities that we previously had not thought of.

In summary, he nailed it!"

The Stotts, Pannal Ash

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