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Crimple Meadows


With children now at University, our client wanted to remodel their home to maximise its practical and aesthetic potential, and ultimately make it work better for them. In particular, they wanted to improve the kitchen and dining experience, add a ground floor office space to accommodate home-working needs, enhance the master bedroom and gain an ensuite bathroom and separate dressing area. 

By stepping back and really questioning their use of space and current requirements, we tested several potential options. We settled on a reconfiguration of the existing footprint, rearranging underutilised space to make it more efficient and effective. In addition, we added a small porch extension. 

The garage and poorly-proportioned utility area were reformatted to make room for an enhanced open plan kitchen with dining and seating areas. Large full height glazing was added to open up the home to the outside and provide a connection to the garden. In addition, a new utility room was created and, importantly, a small home office at the front of the house.

Upstairs, we reapportioned an underutilised spare bedroom to bring more space to the master bedroom and allow for a generous enuite bathroom and dressing area. 

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